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The Story of Spoonie

It's a great day to be a Spoonie!

What is a Spoonie You ask?

(Waaaay more than a mascot)

Oh sure---Spoonbills are those beautiful critters you see in the marsh. They seem to just enjoy every day hanging out together and doing Spoonbill stuff.  We can all learn a lot from those pink birds.


Eat. Drink.  Hang out.  Relax.  Repeat.


So inside the gates of Harborwalk what are "Spoonies"?  Spoonies are those of us who embrace the great lifestyle we enjoy here every day.  We get to hang out together---kinda like the pink birds---and do Spoonie stuff. The gatherings with neighbors, golf cart group ups around happy hour time, PopUP parties, dinner outings  and everything else that makes Harborwalk a Community.

Your Social Committee members are Spoonies at heart and bringing a small town feel to our Community is our mission. If our events are the places where that small town feel takes root, we have done our jobs. Check back on this Social Committee website often for news about our Community, events on the horizon, and recaps of past events.

What are Spoonies?

We're all Spoonies!


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